Our projects

SOS Children’s Villages UK has special relationships with our village communities in Basse, in The Gambia, and Chipata in Zambia - which were built with generous donations from UK donors. The construction of our Basse village and nursery school were entirely funded by a legacy gift from one generous UK supporter, while our village community in Chipata was funded by a £1million donation from the British section of the International Friendship League. Since then, our supporters have enabled us to build schools, social centres and provide crucial medical support to children in the regions. 

Chipata, Zambia

High rates of poverty, disease, and HIV and AIDS in Chipata have left thousands of children without parental care. Our SOS Children’s Village community in the region provides long-term family care to more than one hundred children, and works within the wider community to alleviate hardship and help struggling families stay together. Our nursery school, medical centre and social centre provide children and their families with essential health and nutritional services, income-generating skills, education and vocational training, HIV and AIDS prevention, and psycho-social support.

Basse, The Gambia

The Gambia is one of Africa’s poorest countries. Children and young people – who make up almost half the population – have limited access to education and frequently start work and marry early. SOS Children’s Villages has been working in Basse since 2007 to provide vulnerable children with access to a quality education through our nursery, primary and secondary schools, and to strengthen fragile families to prevent child abandonment. Our village community also offers unsupported children a secure home and the chance to grow up in a caring family environment.