Our work

SOS Children’s Villages offers a safe and nurturing family environment to more than 80,000 children without parental support in more than 550 communities around the world. We also work to strengthen families through counselling, skills training and community development to ensure self sufficiency and prevent the breakdown of family units.

In emergencies we are on the ground helping families cope with disaster, including the provision of child-friendly spaces, trauma counselling, family reunion, and access to communications technology to stay in contact with loved ones.
We believe growing up in a family can improve the life outcomes of an individual. We therefore provide a family environment for children who have lost parental support, and our family strengthening programmes work to keep families together and children safe.
Quality education and skills development are key to having the chance to thrive. Through our 449 schools and vocational training centres we aim to meet a young person's right to education from cradle to career, and ensure they are ready to live independent lives.
Children are especially vulnerable when disaster and conflict strike. The protection of children and families is at the heart of our emergency work. We ensure those at risk get the support and care needed to rebuild their lives and strengthen their communities.
We campaign for governments and multilateral organisations to prioritise the rights of vulnerable children. Standing side-by-side with children around the world, we empower young people to inform communities and decision-makers about the issues that affect them.