SOS Children's Village Bergen

The first and so far only SOS Children's Village in Norway is situated in Olsvik in Bergen, Norway's second largest city with 256 000 inhabitants. The first children moved in in 2008, and it was officially opened in 2009. The SOS Children's Village Bergen comprises eight family houses, a multi-purpose hall, a guest house and a house for the village director.

The multi-purpose hall consists of administration offices, a sports room, a music room, a woodworking workshop and a cafeteria, and can be used by both the SOS Children's Village and the local community. The children in the SOS Children's Village go to public schools, which in Norway hold a high standard. The SOS Children's Village can give a home to a total of 32 children, at full capacity.

For children under alternative care in Norway, it is often the case that they have to move between different foster homes throughout their childhood, for various reasons. In addition, siblings are at great risk of being separated when moved to alternative care. SOS Children's Village Bergen offers stable and long-term foster homes to children who need a new home. Siblings can grow up together, as long as it is in the best interest of the children.

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