SOS story – September 25 2017

Vincent Kompany becomes SOS Ambassador

World-renowned Belgian footballer Vincent Kompany became the first International Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages following a recent visit to see our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kompany, who captains both the Belgian national football team and Manchester City, said: “I’ve seen the work of SOS Children’s Villages in different parts of the world. They reach out to vulnerable children in places the world would rather forget about. They go there, and they stay there. All over the world. But they’re also next door, helping out where you don’t expect it. Organisations sometimes claim to ‘think global and act local’. SOS just does it.”

“I am proud that in some small way I can help SOS Children’s Villages, and I am honoured to be invited to be the first International Ambassador for this amazing organisation that makes a real difference to each individual child in need wherever it operates. If my support can help improve the opportunities for children in South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I pledge to do all I can every day.”

Hear Vincent Kompany explain why he’s looking forward to being the first International Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages.
Video produced by SOSUK's sister agency in Belgium

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