World Orphan Week 

During World Orphan Week this year, SOS Children's Villages UK asked people to support our work protecting and caring for vulnerable children.

More than 140 million children globally do not have parental care. SOS Children's Villages UK, through sister organisations in 125 countries, works with unsupported children to give them a home, a loving family, and access to quality education and medical care.

This World Orphan Week your fundraising efforts helped us reach more children and give them the chance of a better future.


Moses* was abandoned in a public toilet in the busy capital city of Ivory Coast, West Africa. He was just days old. By the time he was found, Moses was covered in worms and faeces. Only rapid emergency medical care saved his life.

SOS Children's Villages UK supports our sister organisation in Ivory Coast to run a temporary home for vulnerable children like Moses who are in need of immediate care. When Moses could not be reunited with his family he was found a home in the SOS Village nearby where he was cared for by his trained SOS Mother and new brothers and sisters.

Two years later, Moses is happy and healthy and thriving with his SOS Family.

SOS Children's Villages UK was set up 50 years ago to help children like Moses and the millions more who need the support of a loving family and a secure home.

World Orphan Week ran from February 3-10, 2018

*We have changed Moses’s name to protect his identity