Africa is a continent with extroadinary capacity for growth, impressive natural resources and emerging economies. In some parts, the population is facing incredible hardship, political instability, conflict and some of the worst adverse affects of climate change. 

SOS Children's Villages operates in 46 African countries providing a secure family upbringing to almost 17,000 unsupported children, and education, healthcare, family strengthening, vocational training, and emergency relief to thousands of children and families. Our 266 schools, nurseries and vocational training centres provide more than 75,000 students with a quality education.

"The African continent holds great potential. This is based notably on its population – the youngest in the world, its rapidly growing cities and markets, a rising and increasingly educated urban middle class, its abundant natural resources, and, in some countries, economies which are diversifying. The continent is increasingly attracting attention from international partners while also strengthening its influence as it takes a proactive stance on the global stage.” 

Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.