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Walk a Mile in the shoes of a child refugee and consider what it is like to be a child fleeing for your life.

Millions of displaced children are facing extreme danger along the migration routes through Europe as they search for a safe haven. And for those who arrive in the UK, our laws make it near-impossible for them to be joined by their family. Our campaign is calling on the UK to Walk a Mile in support of child refugees. We want to show child refugees they are welcome here, acknowledge their courage and fight for their right to family reunion.

When you Walk a Mile in the shoes of a child refugee - whether you're heading to work, school or the shops, out with the dog or walking specifically for our campaign - please share your support on social media by posting an image of your walking feet with the hashtag #walkamile and urge others to share.

Please encourage your friends, family, colleagues, schools and community groups to join you. The more people there are in solidarity with child refugees, the more chance we have to make family reunion a reality for children in the UK.

Together we can be a force for change. the shoes of a child refugee

Half of all the world’s refugees are children. They are travelling hundreds of miles to find safety from violence, warfare and disaster, and their journey will expose them to extreme risk of exploitation and trafficking. Worse still, 300,000 of them are facing these dangers alone, having lost, or been separated from, their families. 

When you Walk a Mile in the shoes of a child refugee please think what it is like to lose everything – your home, your friends, to see your school closed or destroyed in conflict, maybe even lose your family in the chaos, or to bombs and bullets – all the parts of a young life that make you feel safe and comforted.

And then imagine setting out on the most dangerous journey of your life - across countries and borders, into camps, wondering where the next meal or helping hand might come from, never knowing what the next stage of travel will bring or who you can trust. All the time wondering about home and your family, traumatised by the violence and devastation that forced you to flee in the first place.

Find out more about the child refugee crisis and our work protecting children along the world’s key migrant routes.

Refugee Week 2018

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week (June 18-24). Help us raise awareness of the dangers and difficulties experienced by millions of child refugees worldwide by joining our Walk a Mile march through Cambridge, attending our refugee film screening or organising a Walk a Mile march of your own - like this one by Southampton City College.

In support for Refugee Week, MPs from all major parties have come together to launch an Early Day Motion (EDM) in Parliament to recognise the dangers experienced by child refugees worldwide. Find out here if your MP has given their support for child refugees by adding their name to the EDM. If they haven’t signed up, why not tell them why you think they should by emailing or writing to their office? You could even encourage them to Walk a Mile for child refugees and then "tweet their feet" to show support for the campaign.

Refugee Week events

If you would like to organise you own event, to raise awareness or fundraise for our work protecting refugee children along the European migration routes, we would be happy to help. Our fundraising pages are packed full of helpful hints, ideas and advice, or you can contact us at

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