SOS Children’s Villages supports individual children, young people and families so that they can thrive (symbolic photo: SOS Children’s Villages Romania).

Cisnadie is a town in Transylvania, about 10 km south of the city of Sibiu, in Sibiu County. The population of the town has been declining for many years as people leave to look for work elsewhere. Now the town is home to around 14,000 inhabitants. Around 10% of the population is composed of minority groups, including German, Hungarian and Roma.

Since 1993, SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children, young people and families and advocating for their rights in Cisnadie.

1 in 4
Children in severe deprivation

Families can’t afford basic needs

The rate of severe material deprivation is around 15% of the population. However, children are more vulnerable to poverty with around 21% being deprived of their basic needs. Children born into poverty are more likely to experience a wide range of health problems, including poor nutrition, chronic disease, and mental health challenges. In addition, impoverished children often miss school, which keeps them marginalized and disadvantaged, limiting their ability to escape poverty in adulthood.

Children never have enough food

Going to bed hungry

More than 14% of families cannot afford adequately nutritious meals for their children. Around 9% of children go to bed hungry in the evening, while only 6% sometimes have enough food, and 3% never have enough food. Child malnutrition has multiple effects, from an inability to concentrate in school to poor cognitive function; poor growth and development. It can also lead to a weakened immune system, resulting in illness and disease.

Your support makes a difference for children in Cisnadie

SOS Children’s Villages works with local partners and communities to offer a wide range of support that is adapted to the local context. We always work in the best interest of the children, young people and families.
Can stay together
Children and young people
Grow up in our care
Young people taking part in a workshop on their rights. You may notice that, in this photo, we do not show identifiable pictures of the young people – this is a legal requirement to protect their privacy and dignity (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Romania).

How your support helps in Cisnadie

Strengthening families and communities
When parents face hardships, they can sometimes struggle to give children the care they need. SOS Children’s Villages works with local partners and communities. Each family needs different support so that they can stay together. This support can include workshops on parenting and children’s rights. We also run training so that parents can get the skills they need to get a job or start their own businesses. Likewise, we ensure that children can get medical help and go to school.
Caring for children who cannot live with their families
Some children cannot stay with their families, even with additional support. When this happens, they can find a new home in SOS Children’s Villages. Here the children can build safe and lasting relationships. All the children in our care have access to education and healthcare. Wherever possible, we work closely with the children’s family of origin. If children can return to live with their families, we help them adapt to this change.