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Campaigns – October 18 2017

Power a Pupil launched

SOS Children's Villages UK launches their 2017 campaign to ‘Power a Pupil’

SOS Children’s Villages UK, the world’s largest charity caring for orphaned and abandoned children, is launching an education campaign in the run-up to Christmas.
Power a Pupil will raise money to educate vulnerable children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

SOSUK’s CEO Catharine Pusey said: “Education is key to ensuring families can break out of poverty. Across the world, there are hundreds of millions of children who do not attend school and this means they cannot reach their full potential and contribute fully to their communities and economies.

“Right now, SOS Children’s Villages ensures more than 125,000 children worldwide receive a good quality education. We want to make sure we can support all those children and more through to young adulthood, helping them thrive and lead happy, productive lives.”

Cambridge-based SOS Children’s Villages UK has been working for nearly 50 years with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable children across 125 countries. The organisation works with parentless children to ensure they have supportive care in a family environment and can enrol in one of the charity’s 400 nursery, primary and secondary schools globally.

UNESCO reported last year that 263 million children worldwide do not attend school. Factors such as extreme poverty, conflict and natural disasters all affect whether a child can access sustainable, uninterrupted education.

SOS Children’s Villages UK is calling on schools, community groups and individuals to raise funds to help us Power a Pupil. A donation of £275 will pay for one child’s education for one full year. This includes ensuring they are taught by a qualified teacher and have the books and educational materials and new school uniform they need. Smaller donations are also warmly welcomed – every pound you can donate will help to change a child’s future.

Catharine Pusey added: “Education is one of the most valuable investments one human being can make in the positive development of another. In the run-up to Christmas, this has to be the definition of a gift that keeps on giving.”

To find out more about Power a Pupil and to donate, please go to