Child Labour Day – June 12 2017

World Against Child Labour Day 2017

Around the world children are facing exploitation and abuse on a daily basis. The UN estimates that around 215 million children are being forced to work – many in dangerous conditions. SOS Children’s Villages UK, through our sister organisations, is working tirelessly with the UN and other agencies to combat child labour in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Why is this happening?
In most cases children forced into labour come from poor families with little to no means of income. They often suffer from malnourishment and have no access to education. In many of the world’s poorest countries, children are forced to find any form of work to help put food on the table for themselves and their families.

Sadly, the reality is these jobs often pay little to no money and put children in grave danger. Children are also forced into slavery and armed combat in regions affected by disasters and conflict. During disasters, they frequently face the loss of their homes, schools and even their families, becoming easy targets for those willing to exploit these human tragedies. Without adequate help, children are often faced with little choice but to find work – or face starvation.

Combating child labour
As part of the SOS Children’s Villages Federation strategy 2030, we are working with the UN, local governments and communities to combat child labour around the world. Target 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals set in 2015 calls for the eradication of all forms of child labour and part of that is responding to emergency situations quickly.

SOS Children’s Villages Federation has established networks in 125 countries, allowing us to act quickly, ensuring the protection of as many children as possible. By working to resolve the immediate emergency and then working with local authorities to rebuild communities, we can help to reduce the risk of children being forced into labour.

This World Against Child Labour Day, please help us to prevent the exploitation of children around the world by donating to SOS Mayday today. With your help we can rebuild communities, keep families together and give children back their right to a happy and healthy childhood.