Syria – October 25 2017

Saboura: A new home for Syrian children

The first SOS Children's Villages families moved into the new SOS Children's Village in Damascus this weekend.

The new SOS Children's Village in Damascus is located in Saboura, in a safe neighbourhood so far spared from the hostilities.

80 children will have a permanent home in ten SOS Children's Villages families. In addition to protection and family security, the most severely traumatised children will also receive urgently needed therapeutic support and support.

"Our new home!"

At the weekend, the first SOS Mothers with 12 children moved in, five girls and seven boys (2 to 13 years old).

Safe havens for traumatised children

A holiday resort that never opened because of the war was adapted by SOSUK's sister organisation in Syria. The property now offers suitable accommodation for the SOS families, group and therapy rooms as well as plenty of play and exercise areas in the countryside.

The situation for many children in Syria is still catastrophic after more than six years of civil war: millions have been forced to flee their homes and many have lost or been separated from their parents.

In order to help some of the severely traumatised children, SOSUK's partners set up special child-friendly spaces and interim care centres in Damascus, Tartous and Aleppo as part of their emergency aid, providing comprehensive and child-friendly care for the children there.

Another SOS Children's Village is located in Quodsaya / Damascus. It had to be evacuated twice during the war. Meanwhile, however, the families were able to return here as well.
In the new SOS Children's Village children can return to regular everyday life.

After emergency relief: permanent help and psychological support

In addition to emergency relief, traumatised children need long-term care in Syriasustainable programmes and long-term care. An important component of this long-term help is the new SOS Children's Village Saboura.

Living together in a family and leading as "normal" everyday life as possible, the children can find inner peace and emotional support. In addition to the stabilising family background, they receive specialist support from educational, psychological and medical professionals.
The children feel at home at the new SOS Children's Village.

"A sign of hope for a lost generation"

"The new SOS Children's Village should also be a signal of hope," says Christian Moser, Managing Director of SOS Children's Villages in Austria. After years of chaos, violence and war, positive examples and models for a better tomorrow are needed," said Moser, "and every single step is important in giving hope back to people."

"It is up to us all to make sure that the Syrian children and young people of today will not be a lost generation of tomorrow."

Christian Moser, Managing Director SOS Children's Villages in Austria