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Our children's charity in Mozambique since 1986

In 1986, SOS Children's Villages started its work in Mozambique, at a time when the country was deeply immersed in civil war. Apart from providing family-based care, the organisation's main aim has been to strengthen family ties. Numerous SOS Emergency Relief Programmes have been organised since the organisation became active in Mozambique.

Preparing fish - photo: S. Pleger
At the SOS Children’s Village school (photo: S. Kitshoff)
The Republic of Mozambique is a country situated in south-eastern Africa. A brutal civil war that lasted from 1977 to 1992, corruption, political mismanagement and natural disasters hindered development in Mozambique for a fairly long time.

In 1990, a new constitution was introduced, laying the path for free multiparty elections and a market-driven economy.


Millions of children have lost parental care

On her way to school - photo: W. Vyslozil
Young children playing in the SOS Children’s Villages Kindergarten (photo: SOS archives)
SOS Children's Villages became active in Mozambique in the year 1986. Tete was chosen as the location for the first SOS Children's village. At present, our organisation is supporting Mozambican young people and children by providing day care, education, medical services and vocational training. Children whose parents cannot take care of them will find a loving home in one of the SOS families.

SOS Children’s Villages has also responded to the natural disasters – storms, floods and droughts - that often affect the country. We have supported vulnerable women, families and children with food, shelter and basic medical care. In the aftermath of floods, we have also ensured a supply of safe drinking water and introduced measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Most recently, in February 2017, cyclone Dineo caused extensive damage in some areas of the country. Over 100,000 homes were totally or partially destroyed and over 551,000 people were in urgent need of assistance. Health care centres and schools were damaged. As well as providing immediate support, shelter and sanitation facilities, SOS Children’s Villages also planned to rebuild schools and care for children who had lost parental care.