Power a Pupil

Last year we highlighted the fact that across the world, millions of children and young people cannot access the education they need to lead fulfilling lives. Many countries don’t have the structures in place to ensure all their children can go to school, and many others are affected by conflict and natural disasters that disrupt children’s schooling or destroy existing education systems.
At SOS Children’s Villages, we know that a child who receives a good education has the best chance of leading a better life, breaking out of the cycle of poverty and contributing to the community and local economy.

Just £275 can pay for one child’s education for a full year. This includes ensuring they are taught by a qualified teacher and have the books, educational materials and new school uniform they need. Such support leads to a stronger, brighter and empowered future for every child we support.

Connecting through schools

We want to build a relationship between your school, your pupils, and SOS Children’s Villages UK. Power a Pupil was a perfect opportunity for UK schools to get involved with our work.

Pupils and schools engaged and connected with the work of SOS UK through the curriculum, developing their citizenship skills and sense of social responsibility while fundraising for our campaign.

Schools were able to actively engage by using SOS UK lesson plans, an education booklet and assembly presentations with students.

If you would like to request the notes in a word document please email us at hello@sosuk.org.

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