Emergency giving

The UN predicts more than 128 million people will need humanitarian aid and protection this year, with the main driver remaining conflict, especially protracted crises. Natural disasters will force further groups of people into catastrophic circumstances.

We work in emergencies to protect children and their families so they have the structures and strength to cope with living through terrifying chaos, and the chance to pick up their lives again when it's over. But more funding than ever is needed so we can respond rapidly and effectively to a growing number of emergencies. Every pound you give will help us do that.
We work with children and families in crisis to ensure their basic needs are met with food, water, shelter and hygiene kits. We protect unsupported children at risk of abuse and abduction, reunite separated families or provide communication technology to stay in touch with loved ones. We also support families to rebuild their lives and communities when the threat has passed.

In emergencies we provide:
  • Homes and family environments for children without parental care
  • Child-friendly centres in conflict zones offering medical and trauma care, and a space to rest and play
  • Emergency medical care
  • Protection for unaccompanied child refugees
  • Family reunion
  • Education, counselling and healthcare for displaced children in refugee camps around the world