SOS Children's Village Floridablanca-Bucaramanga

Colombia has been making significant strides towards reaching its Millennium Development Goals in 2015. But the armed conflict continues to displace thousands of families. Bucaramanga is comparatively safe and the destination for many forcefully displaced internal migrants.

Poverty reduction has yet to reach the lowest ranks of society in Santander

Youths playing sport (photo: SOS archives)
Bucaramanga is located in the north-east of Colombia in the Santander department near the Venezuelan border and has a population of over 500,000. Floridablanca is a smaller city of around 260,000 inhabitants that forms part of the Bucaramanga metropolitan area. The economy of the region is based mainly on industry such as the manufacture of shoes and similar goods.

Overall, the Santander department has one of the lowest rates of poverty in the country, but these improvements have yet to reach the poorest sectors of society. Forced displacement due to the on-going armed conflict in Colombia continues to be a serious problem, particularly here in the north-east. In Bucaramanga alone, an estimated 36,800 people are affected, around half of them children. Besides the obvious socioeconomic impacts displacement has on families, the violence experienced also causes severe psycho-social problems, and a loss of identity, social cohesion and self-confidence.

Children from displaced families need a sense of security and a nurturing home

When displaced families arrive, infrastructure is often not sufficiently available for them. They have left their homes, jobs, possessions and support networks behind, are often deeply traumatised, and starting over in a new town is hardly an easy feat. Levels of unemployment and illiteracy in this social group are much higher than national averages, particularly for women.  Although there are charities and government programmes endeavouring to aid the integration of these people, many find themselves fending for themselves and unable to look after their children.

These parents, especially when they are single mothers, or suffering from depression, anxiety or other trauma-related issues, urgently need support. If they are empowered to secure their own livelihoods, their children will be less likely to be abandoned, can stay in education and look forward to a better future.

What we do in Floridablanca

An SOS family at home (photo: SOS archives)
The SOS Children’s Village Floridablanca-Bucaramanga has been active since 1999. Today, the social centres here provide a family strengthening programme that aims to alleviate hardship in the community in a holistic and sustainable manner. Its services include childminding and day-care programmes, which enable working parents or single mothers to leave their children in safe hands while they are out making a living. These programmes are intended particularly for children under the age of twelve from difficult family backgrounds, e.g. where violence in the home is present or the economic situation endangers children’s safety or education.

The centres offer educational courses to adults to improve their professional skills and thus their income and societal status. Support and training is also offered to parents in order to raise awareness of children’s rights and provide information on the appropriate parenting skills for different age groups.

For children in Bucaramanga who are no longer able to live with their parents, 13 SOS families can provide a loving home for up to 117 children. In each family, the children live with their brothers and sisters and are affectionately cared for by their SOS mother.

When young people are ready to leave their family in order to pursue further education or vocational training, our SOS Youth Programme makes shared accommodation available to them. In a safe environment and with the support of qualified counsellors, the young people can plan their future here, increasingly take on responsibility and prepare for independent adult life.