Sponsor a child in Benin.

Our children's charity in Benin since 1985

Benin has recently seen economic growth and political stability. However, millions remain poor in this little African nation. Particularly in the northern parts, extreme poverty is widespread. SOS Children's Villages supports the families so that they can stay together and provide loving homes to children who have lost parental care. We also run medical centres, kindergartens and schools in the country.

A diverse country in western Africa

Cooking for a large family, SOS Children
In the playground (photo: SOS archives)
Benin has a total population of 10.4 million and its capital city is Porto-Novo, home to approximately 280,000. Its official language is French; however, a number of indigenous languages, in particular Yoruba and Fon, are widely spoken.

Children are in need of protection

Making a living, Family Strengthening Programme Abomey-Calavi - photo: C. F. Ngo Biyack
Children grow up with their brothers and sisters (photo: SOS archives)